Instances Where TBI Testing is Requested for Personal Injury Cases

Instances Where TBI Testing is Requested for Personal Injury Cases

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) testing is crucial in a personal injury case. A TBI happens when the person who got hurt during an incident may have incurred a head injury. And getting tbi testing for personal injury claims is very important. Here are some of the most common reasons why TBI tests are asked for in personal injury cases. 

Bicycle and Motorcycle Accidents

Two-wheel rides are more at risk of accidents. Cyclists and motorists are more likely to incur head injuries during crashes. A TBI is possible even if the person is wearing a helmet. TBI testing is common when the person has had their head hurt or shows signs of injury. This includes having trouble speaking, seizures, or losing their balance. 

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Serious vehicle accidents can result in a TBI. Even with the seatbelts on, the rapid acceleration and collision can cause the brain to move inside the skull which results in an injury. If the plaintiff incurs a head injury or shows signs of the condition, TBI tests may be requested for claims. 

Pedestrian Accidents

Even while walking along the road, accidents can still happen. If the person gets hit by a car or falls after the impact and hits their head, TBI testing is important. The common sign that calls for a test is if the person is having trouble focusing or suddenly becoming sensitive to light or noise. 

Physical Altercations

TBI can be caused by any act of violence, both intentional or not. People who have been assaulted may show different signs of TBI. This includes forgetfulness, irritability, mood swings, or inability to focus. TBI testing is crucial to determine how serious the injury to the head is and closely monitor the progress. 

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Slip and Fall Accidents

A slip and fall can result in a head injury. If the person’s head was hit during the fall and they show signs of TBI, they should undergo a traumatic brain injury test. The signs to watch out for include dizziness, confusion, or memory loss. 

Sports-Related Injuries

Any type of sport can lead to injuries. And when the injury involves the head, a TBI should be considered. Any blow to the head can cause TBI, both from contact and noncontact sports. When the person shows signs like loss of consciousness, forgetfulness, or trouble keeping balance, TBI testing should not be delayed. 

Workplace Injuries

Even in the workplace, anyone can get their head injured. This can be caused by falling debris or a drop from a high place. It can be due to faulty machinery. If an employee gets a head injury in the workplace, they need to be tested for TBI. This is a must even if they show no signs of injuries. 

Why is TBI Testing Important?

TBI testing is very important in personal injury cases. This helps determine how severe the brain injury is. It will identify whether or not the injury will have long-term physical, cognitive, and emotional effects.

During the TBI testing, neuroimaging and cognitive tests are done to assess memory, focus, and other brain functions. TBI testing is often used to prove personal injury claims and determine the injury’s impact on the plaintiff’s life.