Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney: Propose A Repayment Plan Legally

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney: Propose A Repayment Plan Legally

An individual or a business can be facing possible debt when they have financial difficulties. But, there are instances where debts can’t be handled anymore. Once you deal with debts, do you know how to deal with it? Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help a person with regular income. The wager earner’s plan helps design a plan for repaying the debts.

Under the chapter, the debtors have the proper repayment plan. A repayment plan is creating installments to creditors over 3-5 years. A possible agreement to deal with the current debt can be arranged legally by the chapter 13 Lawyers in Las Vegas.

Aspects of Chapter 13

Chapter 13 discusses 5 aspects, such as:

  • Advantages of Chapter 13
  • Chapter 13 eligibility requirements
  • How a Chapter 13 proceeding works
  • Making the plan work
  • Special Chapter 13 discharge

Bankruptcy is recorded on your credit report within 7 years. There are many many reasons you choose Chapter 13 over the other options, such as:

chapter 13 Lawyers in Las Vegas

  • You can keep your home
  • Co-signers are not held responsible legally
  • You can sell a property
  • Keep the business running
  • Debt is frozen

Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the solution for people who are employed, yet with existing debt. But these people can’t sufficiently cover their debts. When you have a stable job, but can’t afford to pay in full your debt, Chapter 13 is a good option. It maintains more control over the assets and finances. Claiming bankruptcy has massive financial consequences.

You may give up on some level of control over your finances in exchange for help to get out of debt. Chapter 13 bankruptcy stays on the credit reports for 7 years from the date of the petition. It lowers the credit score by around 130-200 points. The effects on credit may decrease over time.

While repairing the credit, it is hard to qualify for new loans or other credit forms. There is pressure on keeping up with the 3-5 year plan because there are missing payments that lead to dismissal. When this happens, any assets you are trying to protect can be lost. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is your last option.

You can’t handle the legalities of arranging Chapter 13 bankruptcy yourself. If you don’t know about Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the right lawyers can help you from the drowning debt. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy lawyers can address the legalities to deal with this issue. There is always an answer for debt issues.